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Purchasing your next home

You did it once and now you’re doing it again, and just because you’ve been there, doesn’t make it any easier moving house the next time around. In fact, you probably have a pretty good idea of just what a headache organising your home loan can be. Making an appointment with BK Finance can make it easier.

That’s because BK Finance is here to help. Were your specialist local home loan broker and will help you take a good look at your existing home loan arrangements and quickly help you work out whether it’s right for your new circumstances or whether there are other options you should explore.

First. Determine what are your goals? Do you want to pay off your new loan as quickly as possible? Or do you need to keep your repayments down because your family is growing? Do you need extra features like a redraw facility or are you better off fixing a portion of your home loan for the next few years?  Do you want to keep your current home as an investment property and use the equity you have in it as a deposit? Or are you building your new home and need a construction loan? How much can we afford?

In a matter of hours, BK Finance can give you simple answers to your questions, whatever your situation and work out which loan suits you. Professional home loan advice from a broker who knows their stuff inside and out – at no extra cost to you.  That’s why we have satisfied customers who are happy to refer their families and friends.

To speed up your loan process even more, it’s a good idea to bring the following to your first meeting:

  • pay slip or proof of income
  • current bank statements
  • your passport or driver’s licence (ID) or birth certificate
  • tax returns or tax assessment notice
  • copies of recent statements for other credit facilities such as credit cards or other loans

So call BK Finance on 1300 85 65 81 today to make an appointment, why wait!!

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